CD Imaging


Photo Restoration & Retouching
Repair Level Description Price
1 Enhance overall image by improving contrast, retouch or repair of minor scratches and blemishes. Remove up to two creases. Improve colour. £15
2 In addition to level 1 restoration, more extensive damage i.e. scratches, blemishes, lines and creases where these may go through a subjects face. This includes corner tears and also a picture torn in half as long as the original pieces are still accessible. Removal of undesirable reflections. £30
3 In addition to level 2, scratches, creases and blemishes that may pass through more than one persons face will be restored. This includes rips or tears where the original pieces may not be accessible. Images requiring more extensive colour correcting are restored within this category. £45
4 In addition to level 1 restoration, more extensive damage i.e. scratches, blemishes, lines and creases where these go through the faces of more than four people. Tears are also included where part of the image is missing and requires build-up £60
Image Manipulation & Transformation
Repair Level Description Price
Collage/Montage Combination of several images in one picture. Panoramic stiching. POA
Image Manipulation Removal of unwanted objects/persons. Creation of a new image by combining various elements from different photographs. Placing subjects on a new background. POA
Special effects
Repair Level Description Price
Border effects Vignettes, torn edges, glass ripple, jagged £10
Colour B&W photos Normally priced according to the number of individual colour elements involved. POA
Age Effects Sepia and other colouring, tonal effects £15
Fine Art Reproduction
Repair Level Description Price
Artistic Finishes Oil, water colour or charcoal. Dependent on print size & base material. POA

What these prices cover

Restoration Prices stated on this page are for a standard 6 x 4 inch print, further prints may be ordered, the cost dependent on the print size. Ask for details.

Prices are quoted in UK sterling and are free of all taxes, normal delivery and packaging costs. If the item is valuable we do recommend it is returned to the customer by registered post, which will incur an extra charge.

Sending your images electronically

In order to send your images electronically either by email or CD or by visiting our contact page where you can upload your electronic image you must firstly have it scanned. We recommend a scan output resolution of somewhere between 300dpi/ppi and 600dpi/ppi and then save the image in jpeg format with minimal compression or 100% quality. The resolution really depends on the amount of detail you wish to capture. If the image you are scanning is less than 4x6, increase the physical size of the picture to 150%. If your scanner does not let you set the exact resolution, you may be able to increase the resolution of an image by selecting either higher "resolution" or "quality" when you save the image.