CD Imaging

Image Manipulation & Transformation

This area of our work concentrates on tranforming either a good or bad picture into a great picture. Included in this scope is colouring old Black and White photographs, removing unwanted objects (or persons) from a photo or repositioning of objects and people.

Images of Architectural buildings that have been distorted through tilting of the camera lens angle can also be corrected.

We can also transform photos into posters or images for greetings cards i.e. birthdays and special occasions.


Color Black and White photo


This smart young recruit had this photo taken in 1936 when colour photography would have been near non existant except for expensive labour intensive hand colouring.




Without specialised equipment to correct the angle between the lens and the architectural building it is difficult not to introduce perspective, that is the building appearing to lean away from the photographer. Here the angle has been straightened by removing the perspective during post processing.


Milan Bus tour

Somehow the yellow grab handles of this Milan Tour bus didn't do a lot for the photo so we gently removed it along with the cranes and the lamp post.